Donn's "Must Haves/Must Do's" for a Happy Holiday

Posted by:  1st Security Bank
2014-12-05 14:48:21

  1. The Ove’ Glove | Be sure to get the one with the grip lines on it. 
    I was in a store about 4 years ago and I stopped by the ‘As Seen on TV” section.  As a joke I purchased all the ladies in the family an Ove’ Glove as a stocking stuffer.  When they opened their gifts they had a pretty good laugh.  As a sales person I felt the need to demonstrate how well the glove worked.  I went into the kitchen and put the glove on like a physician puts on gloves before surgery.  I then opened the oven, grabbed the oven rack and pulled out the hot dish.  It was amazing.  I felt nothing, and because (unlike an oven mitt) the glove has fingers, it is so much easier to pick things up.  In our home, the oven mitt is history.  Over the next couple of months all of the ladies said they loved their gift, and the only issue with the Ove’ Gloves I gave them was that they needed another one!  So if you’re a big spender buy two. They run about $20.00 each and you can find them at Fred Meyer, Target, or other stores that sell As Seen on TV items.
  2. iRobot (Roomba) | These little vacuums really work.
    We liked our first iRobot so much we purchased another one for upstairs.  Our friends saw how well it worked and they purchased one for themselves. The Roomba is simple to use- just charge it then put it in the room you want vacuumed and press ‘start’.  In the morning when we leave the house we put it in the area we want to vacuum, hit ‘start’ then walk away The IRobot will go under chairs and into small areas, it basically vacuums the entire room.  When we get home the area is clean – it even looks hand-vacuumed with lines in the carpet from the machine.  We have a yellow lab, great dog, but she rains hair.  It has reduced the amount of time we actually push the vacuum by 75%, and maintains control of that dog hair. You can buy this machine at Costco for about $350.00! 
  3. A “Fake” Christmas tree
    After 25 years of buying a live tree we finally made the leap to fake this year.  We now ask ourselves what took us so long.  The tree is surprisingly good looking and comes with lights already on it.  No more stories to tell about how much we hate putting Christmas lights on the tree.  It took less than 10 minutes to set up.  The lights can either be white or multi colored just by pressing a button.  The fake tree makes Christmas so much easier and stress-free. You can purchase a 7.5 ft. lighted tree at Costco for about $300.  Just do it!!
  4. Outside Christmas lights
    We have 5 larger trees lining the front of our home. 
    We typically put about 700 lights on each tree.  (By “We” I mean “I put 700 lights on each tree”).  They are the small lights and I wrap them around the tree limbs. They look festive but it’s about a 10 hour job to hang them.  Three years ago I did a little experiment - I left them on the trees after the holidays were over.  The small lights are next to invisible when the leaves return for the summer.   The following year I just plug them in. Normally I have to fix about two strands so it is relatively quick and easy.  Now the best part: during summer when we have larger parties at our home I plug in the twinkly lights and they look great.  Our guests are impressed that we “went all out” for the event and even put the lights on the tree.  Simple but Impressive.

Thank you very much for your business. We really appreciate your support and trust in what we do. Have a wonderful Holiday Season.

- Donn Costa


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