What are the Millennials Thinking When it Comes to Real Estate?

Posted by:  1st Security Bank
2015-02-05 13:16:21

Invest in real estate - they're not making any more of it." They're not making any more Millennials either, and housing and lending analysts love to talk about them. Many are still hunkered down on their parent's couches while others are roosting in city centers around the nation, clustered around mass transit and trendy dining places. A recent story in the Wall Street Journal points out that many of these Generation Y folks will, at some point, head for the suburbs especially after they bear children of their own. The poll, done by the National Association of Home Builders (surprise!), shows nearly 70% of those asked want to live in the suburbs. One must ask if a similar poll carried out 10 years ago would show the upcoming trend of moving into city centers. Little pink houses for you and me!

Click here to read the original article in the Wall Street Journal.

- Mortgage News Daily 2/4/15



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